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Push presents...

I had a chat on BBC Radio Sheffield again this week, this time with Simon (what has happened to my life that I'm speaking on the radio!?) about "push presents".

I haven't been able to listen back to it yet - it makes me cringe

Can we come up with a better name?

I asked the above over on my facebook page and the general consensus, like I said during the chat with Simon was - it's an awful name but can be a really lovely thing to do.

From sentimental gifts such as a bunch of flowers including the birth flower (each month has its own); a piece of jewellery with the birth stones in it; a special photo frame of the first moments together right through to diamond earrings, an afternoon tea or a hamper packed full of their favourite food and drinks - I think "push presents" or rather birthing gifts, are as individual as the person giving and the person receiving the gift.

Did you get one? Have you ever heard of one?

Push presents are the thank you gift that someone buys for their partner for giving birth to their baby/babies.

Abby <3

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