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The Pregnancy Cake Club

Over the weekend, the very first Pregnancy Cake Club happened and it was fab - absolutely soaking wet through, but fab all the same 😂

weather forecast showing rain

I spent the week leading upto the Pregnancy Cake Club checking the weather; we were forecast thunderstorms all week which didn't materialise. On the Friday I e-mailed everyone with a warning that we may have to postpone and that I would message on Saturday to confirm. On Saturday the forecast was much lower and so I decided to go ahead... However, our wonderful British weather had other ideas in mind and it absolutely chucked it down! Thankfully everyone took it in good humour and we got through.

It was a really lovely group who all started chatting immediately. It was wonderful to listen to their conversations and it really cemented in my mind the reason why I was doing this; pregnant people need to speak to other pregnant people who "get it", who understand what they are going through and experiencing.

Some of the topics that came up during the afternoon were; pre and postnatal depression; hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting in pregnancy which is highly debilitating); frustrations at attending scans alone; breastfeeding including difficulties and where to find support; hypnobirthing; SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and PGP (pelvic girdle pain) as well as chiropractic treatment as it IS treatable and of course slings which was our topic of the month.

I demonstrated stretchy wraps, close caboo's and a buckle carrier at this session as well as going through positioning and safety.


We ate a lot of cake. The beautiful cupcakes were courtesy of Libby's Kitchen and the other goodies were from M&S.

This months goodie bags included Weleda samples courtesy of Nikki from Doncaster Wellbeing; badges from Doncaster Mumbler and doTERRA essential oil samples courtesy of B Carried. There were other goodies, too but I don't wish to spoil the contents for any future attendees.

All of the attendees provided positive feedback (despite the weather!) and agreed to join a WhatsApp group which was specific to them so that they can stay in touch and continue to support each other throughout the rest of their pregnancy and beyond.

"Loved it! Thank you" "Brill, really enjoyed, thanks"

If you would like to join us for the next Pregnancy Cake Club, the September event is now live and can be booked here.

If you're a business and would like to donate samples or services for our goodie bags, please get in touch.

Abby ❤

Yellow wellie in water
It pretty much flooded...
Beautiful but soggy rag rugs on tarpaulin
Beautiful but soggy rag rugs on tarpaulin

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