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Each family is different and so I tailor my support to what you need - it's not a one size fits all!


I offer different types of antenatal education and support to suit different needs.

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Pregnancy Only Doula'ing

If you don't need a Doula to support your birth but you still want tailored antenatal support to prepare you for your birth and navigating the maternity system, then I'd love to support you with that, too. As your pregnancy Doula, I won't be on-call for your birth or supporting you postnatally but I will be there throughout your pregnancy journey to provide emotional, practical and physical support as well as antenatal education.

Antenatal Education

The antenatal education part of the support is usually split into two sessions which are broken down into sections so that you can process the information more easily. Rather than a set programme going through a-z, we explore together and go through what you need us to. Usually we do this by looking at birth preferences and the different options available to you; I strongly believe that information is key so that you know what to expect and can call on this when making decisions. We'll discuss and make a visual birth plan. Visual birth plans are a great way to research different aspects of your birth. During these sessions, we'll discuss any anxieties you may have and chat through how your anxieties may be eased. We'll also go through the different stages of labour and what to expect, including the third stage (delivering the placenta) which is often forgotten about.

Ongoing Support

As your Pregnancy Doula, I will of course be available between these sessions to signpost you to further reading and information where required and talk you through the options. We will be in touch regularly so that you can discuss any queries or concerns with me after midwifery or consultant appointments etc but also just to provide emotional, non-judgemental support and be a soundboard if that's what you require.


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Mother Baby Bonding

An area which really fascinates me is biomechanics and how we can use different techniques to provide comfort and relaxation but also in some circumstances, provide baby with the opportunity to get into a more optimal position if they're not quite there yet. Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to positioning but there are things we can do to be proactive in giving them the chance.

If you are already aware that your baby is in a suboptimal position, for example, they're back to back, we can look at different ways that may allow them to have more space.

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Dial-a-Doula ad hoc Support

If you find yourself needing ad hoc support; you need some guidance on a specific topic or would like to chat with me, we can do this over the phone or Zoom.

It can be really helpful to just have someone listen to you without judgement and to guide without telling you what to do; it's your decision. 

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, not listened to or coerced down a path you didn't want; I'll be there to listen and walk beside you as you go through your options if that's what you need.

£25.00 per hour over Zoom or phone
Please e-mail to discuss or book here.

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You are welcome to pop me an e-mail or Facebook message at any time. After your initial enquiry, I'm happy to contact you by phone at a mutually convenient time. 

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"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

Dr. John H. Kennell

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