Postnatal Services

What can I do for you?


Postnatal Support

What can I do for you?

Each family is different and so I tailor my support to what you need - it's not a one size fits all!


I offer different Postnatal options to suit each family. 

For birth and/or postnatal support, we'll have an initial consultation over the phone, zoom or in person which is completely free so that we can have a chat to see if we 'click' and if I'm the right Doula for you.

Money is a necessary evil; I have a family to support, too. An initial deposit is required to secure your booking but the amount is negotiable and the rest can be paid in instalments rather than one lump sum; I want you to get the support you need and money shouldn't be a barrier to this. All prices are listed under the services below for transparency.

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Pregnancy, birth and postnatal support

There are two levels of support - "Just the Doula" and "Doula Plus". **indicates Doula Plus.

This service is for you if you want to have as much support as possible in place and have everything organised right at the start so you have that continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

An overview of the continuous support you will receive from me; more details can be provided upon request.

  • Free initial consultation - let's have a chat

  • 2-3 tailored antenatal sessions totalling around 6-7 hours

  • **3 Step Rewind for birth trauma (where applicable)**

  • Ongoing emotional and practical support over the phone/messages throughout pregnancy

  • Signposting to evidence based research so that you can make informed decisions about your care

  • **Biomechanics session for comfort during pregnancy and to demonstrate for use in labour**

  • Free birth pool hire for home births (everything needed included in Doula Plus package, disposable items such as liner and hose required for Just the Doula package)

  • Photos to remember your birth - I am not a professional photographer but I'm happy to take photos for you which can be wonderful to look back on and notice little details you may have missed

  • Feeding support

  • Cleaning and tidying your birth space after your little one(s) has/have arrived

  • 1 x initial postnatal visit to debrief and chat (in addition to the 20 hours)

  • A beautiful gift from me to you

  • **1 x Closing the Bones postnatal abdominal massage**

  • Extensive babywearing support including free** access to the sling library

  • Cloth Nappy guidance if required

  • No extra costs for mileage etc

  • 20 hours of postnatal support

The service you get is entirely tailored to your needs. I'm there to serve you and your birth partner if applicable, to ensure you feel listened to and supported in your choices. 

I support your birth, whether that is at home or in hospital, whether it's in the pool or an elective caesarean; I support your decision.

I go on call 24 hours a day from 38 weeks (or sooner where baby/babies are expected to arrive before then) once the balance has been paid. Usually it's from 38 weeks until 42 weeks - that's around 672 hours, 28 days, 4 whole weeks at your beck and call. If your baby arrives sooner than 38 weeks then I will do my best to be there to support you. If you have a history of premature labour or you are expecting multiples then this can be altered, e.g. on call from 36 weeks. I remain on-call until your baby/babies have arrived, even after the 42 weeks.

I sometimes work with a back-up Doula to ensure you still get support if I am unable to attend for whatever reason. If I am supporting another birth during the same on-call period then you will be notified of this at the time you contact me.

20 hours of postnatal support is tailored to your needs and I try to be as flexible as possible with the time frame I'm with you. Typically the 20 hours is broken up into 2-5 hour slots. The frequency of these slots is flexible.

If you are over 40 minutes travel then it will be taken in a minimum of 3 hour slots rather than 2.

Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Support which includes everything listed above and all of the unlimited emotional and practical support you receive over the phone or through messages.

Just the Doula and additional postnatal support - £1475.00

**Doula Plus and additional postnatal support - £1745.00


You can pay in monthly instalments, in part via vouchers and/or in three parts including the deposit.

To book this service, a £250.00 non-refundable deposit is required unless paying in instalments.

Let's chat and see how I can support you. You can arrange a phone call or in-person visit here

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Postnatal Support, 20 hours

We often spend so much time planning our birth that we forget about what happens after - that moment when you arrive home with your new addition(s) and you look around and think "What do we do now?"

The transition from "bump" to baby is experienced differently from person to person and between families but I will be there to ease the process throughout this 'fourth trimester'. It can be helpful to think of the first few months of your little ones life as an additional trimester of pregnancy; they have so much growing to do and that's not just physically but mentally, too. You have someone brand new to get to know and it can take time to find your feet, especially while you're recovering from pregnancy and birth.

Examples of how I can support you

  • A postnatal recovery plan; we'll work through this together

  • Light housework - laundry, pots, tidying, hoovering etc

  • Light meals and refreshments

  • Feeding support

  • Emotional support

  • Take care of your baby or babies while you nap or have a bath/shower or spend some quality time with any older children

  • Take care of older ones so you can spend time in bed with your baby or babies

  • Extensive babywearing support with access to the sling library

  • Cloth Nappy guidance if required

  • No extra costs for mileage etc

Postnatal support is tailored to your needs and I try to be as flexible as possible with the time frame I'm with you. Typically the 20 hours is broken up into 2-5 hour slots. The frequency of these slots is flexible; have 1 a week or 4!

If you are over 40 minutes travel then it will be taken in a minimum of 3 hour slots rather than 2.


20 hours 


I am happy to accept vouchers and instalments in advance for this service.

If booking in advance, a £250.00 deposit is required. The rest is payable prior to the postnatal support commencing.

Additional hours are available at £25.00 per hour.

Fancy a chat? Just get in touch and we'll have a chat over the phone/zoom.

Closing the Bones - a postnatal abdominal massage

Closing the Bones is part massage and part ritual; it's a gorgeous ceremony to honour and aid recovery.
This postnatal abdominal massage creates a moment of stillness in the new haze of parenting; it's a time of reflection and peace. 
During the ceremony, the abdomen and hips are massaged with a warming oil and are then gently rocked with a rebozo. A rebozo is a long piece of cloth which originates from Mexico where it is culturally significant; all of my rebozos are ethically sourced from Mexico. The hips and body are finally bound together with rebozos; a beautiful poem is read, a song sung and calm achieved. 

Abby was taught by Sophie Messager. Sophie was taught by Rocio Alarcon, an Ethnobotanist from Ecuador. Rocio straddles two worlds; one of the forest, the ancient peoples and the shaman’s rituals, and the fast-paced world of science.
Abby comes to you in your home or for a more atmospheric ceremony, you are welcomed into Abby's home in Conisbrough. 
This can be done as a standalone treatment but the benefits can be felt time and time again.

Although traditionally carried out during the immediate postnatal period, this can be done years after giving birth and can feel especially poignant when that chapter of their lives is over.

The ceremony lasts approximately 1 hour.
One off session: £65.00 during the week in Conisbrough or your home£75.00 at a weekend in your home.

For an even more meditative experience, you can also request two additional practitioners to attend, Nikki and Jane which involves Reiki, too. 
Nikki is a wonderful complementary therapist based in Doncaster and Jane is an equally wonderful local Doula, also based in Doncaster.
Please contact for prices for additional practitioners.


Babywearing Consultation

There are lots of options for getting standalone babywearing support which can be found under my other 'hat' of Noah's Arc Sling Library.

Consultations can be booked here.

The above photographs are courtesy of Lara Frost Photography.

Fancy a natter?

You are welcome to pop me an e-mail or Facebook message at any time. After your initial enquiry, I'm happy to contact you by phone at a mutually convenient time. 

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