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Closing the Bones

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Due to further easing of restrictions, I'm now taking bookings again for Closing the Bones from the 1st August which is fast approaching!

A picture of a clear plastic protective visor over a yellow background

I've got a visor ready and waiting, my hands will be washed thoroughly before and afterwards and windows will be kept open for ventilation to keep everybody as safe as possible. I will be limiting the amount these appointments to once a week so that my equipment (rebozos etc) can be quarantined and washed between users.

As I'll be wearing a visor, a mask will not be required by the client but of course they may wear one if they prefer.

I think we can all agree that so far, 2020 has been somewhat, er, stressful - so I'm really looking forward to creating a moment of calm and nurturing some postpartum bodies!

Abby <3

Edited 01/08/2020

Unfortunately the government guidelines changed at the last minute and I won't be able to offer this for a couple more weeks at least.

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