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What can I do for you?

Each family is different and so I tailor my support to what you need - it's not a one size fits all!


I offer different types of antenatal education and support to suit different needs.

  • The Pregnancy Cake Club

  • Birth Preparation and Antenatal Education - for pregnancy and birth including birth plans/preferences

  • Caring for a Newborn

  • Mother/Parent Blessing Celebrations (a parent focused alternative to baby showers)

  • The 3 Step Rewind for birth traum

The Pregnancy Cake Club

Immediately after launching this new informal event, the feedback has been out of this world and even led to Abby being interviewed live over on BBC Radio Sheffield on Wednesday 15th July (10 past 10 ish).

The aim of these sessions is so that you can socialise with other pregnant people thereby hopefully forming a support network to see you through the rest of your pregnancy and beyond. You are welcome along to more than one session and there will be different topics as well as different guest speakers as we go along. 

Please do not bring anyone with you to the session, including children. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I really do need to be strict about this and the session is limited in numbers.

These sessions are not meant to feel formal but if you would like to know what to expect, we'll be having a chat with one another, then we will look at the set topic, this will be followed by refreshments and light food (cakes mostly) and we'll finish up with an activity. I understand that for some people, the idea of an activity can be daunting but I assure you there is no pressure and it's not intended to put you on the spot. For example, you may be invited to write a birth affirmation but this can be kept to yourself and taken away with you so you do not have to share it with the group.

During the session, a form will be passed around where you can request to be part of a WhatsApp group that is specific to those who have attended this specific session so that you can keep in touch if you want to; there's no pressure though so if that's not your cup of tea, you don't have to.

You will receive a little goody bag because who doesn't like freebies?

This will be held from our home address (in the garden - please dress appropriately for the weather) in Conisbrough, DN12 3NB. 

We will all social distance as much as possible and there will be hand sanitiser available to use.


Please note that these are gaining in popularity and selling out quickly; if you would like to reserve a spot on an upcoming session, please get in touch.

Frequency: Monthly

Duration: Around 2 hours

Attend once or many times, it's up to you!

£10.00 per session

Booking here

Birth Preparation and Antenatal Education 

If full Doula support isn't what you need but you still want tailored antenatal support to prepare you for your birth and navigating the maternity system, then I'd love to support you with that, too.

Antenatal Education sessions are usually split into two sessions which are broken down into sections so that you can process the information more easily. We'll go through birth preferences and explore the different options available to you; I strongly believe that information is key so that you know what to expect and can call on this when making decisions. We'll discuss and make a visual birth plan. Visual birth plans are a great way to research different aspects of your birth. 

During these sessions, we'll discuss any anxieties you may have and chat through how your anxieties may be eased.

We'll also go through the different stages of labour and what to expect, including the third stage (delivering the placenta) which is often forgotten about.


We will discuss pain relief, positioning, "Plan C" (cesarean) and the golden hour after birth.

Have pregnant friends? Group antenatal sessions are also available.

Sessions held in your own home or over Zoom.

6-7 hours over 2-3 sessions


Caring for a Newborn 

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to the practicalities of caring for a newborn, from changing nappies to bathing and feeding then I'll guide you through the basics so you can feel more prepared and feel less daunted. This includes normal infant behaviour, sleep (or lack thereof and how to manage it), feeding, changing, bathing, how to cope with crying, how to navigate this new normal as a couple and how to work as a team. Typically it takes 2 hours or thereabouts.

1 session


Booking here.

Mother/Parent Blessing Celebrations

Ordinarily, we celebrate the baby during pregnancy and often neglect to celebrate and acknowledge this massive transition that is happening for the mother or parent.

As your Blessing Celebrant, I will lead a three hour celebration which nurtures you and leaves you feeling whole and ready for your birth.


Together we tailor the celebration to your needs and we create a plan to include the different elements that are important and personal to you.


Typically a Celebration would involve those closest to you (family, friends) coming together. We then share special stories of you, state our hopes for your journey into motherhood, light candles together which would then be lit once again when you are in labour.


Some celebrations include belly painting, henna, massages, hair braiding, creating birth affirmations, notes and support for after your birth. 


I am happy to work with other professionals, e.g. masseuses to make your celebration special for you.


More often than not, the day is combined with food such as afternoon tea.


I understand that not all families look the same and not all include mothers. If you are trans and/or non-binary; if you are two Dad's; if you have adopted or used a surrogate; you deserve to be recognised and celebrated, too and I would be honoured to do so.

Cost £95.00

The 3 Step Rewind for Birth Trauma

If you have experienced a traumatic pregnancy and/or birth, you will have developed your own coping mechanisms but the weight of this can hang heavy around us and it can have a negative impact on our experiences.

The 3 Step Rewind is a guide to reprogramme our traumatic experiences into something we feel more comfortable with.

One part of our brain, the amygdala, processes experiences and sends them to a different part of the brain, the neocortex, to file away into storage, sometimes when we experience something which we perceive to be traumatic, our brain replays it on a loop rather than sending it to file. It's our brain working as it should - it is trying to prevent us going through that experience again, but we no longer need it to do this. 

The 3 Step Rewind helps us to move that experience into the filing part of the brain; you keep the memory and any wisdom it brings with it, but you lose the traumatic feelings associated with it. 


This process takes place over two to three sessions; we'll chat about this during the first session.

Over 3 sessions

£50 over Zoom or £75 in your home

Booking here.


You are welcome to pop me an e-mail or Facebook message at any time. After your initial enquiry, I'm happy to contact you by phone at a mutually convenient time. 

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