Antenatal Services

What can I do for you?

Each family is different and so I tailor my support to what you need - it's not a one size fits all!


I offer different types of antenatal education and support to suit different needs.

  • The Pregnancy Cake Club

  • Birth Preparation and Antenatal Education - for pregnancy and birth including birth plans/preferences

  • Postnatal recovery planning

  • Rebozo Techniques and Biomechanics - for comfort and positioning

  • Caring for a Newborn

  • Mother/Parent Blessing Celebrations (a parent focused alternative to baby showers)

  • Dial-a-Doula - ad hoc support over Zoom or the phone by the hour

Birth Preparation and Antenatal Education 

If full Doula support isn't what you need but you still want tailored antenatal support to prepare you for your birth and navigating the maternity system, then I'd love to support you with that, too.

Antenatal Education sessions are usually split into two sessions which are broken down into sections so that you can process the information more easily. Rather than a set programme going through a-z, we explore together and go through what you need us to. Usually we do this by looking at birth preferences and the different options available to you; I strongly believe that information is key so that you know what to expect and can call on this when making decisions. We'll discuss and make a visual birth plan. Visual birth plans are a great way to research different aspects of your birth. 

During these sessions, we'll discuss any anxieties you may have and chat through how your anxieties may be eased.

We'll also go through the different stages of labour and what to expect, including the third stage (delivering the placenta) which is often forgotten about.


We will discuss pain relief, positioning, "Plan C" (caesarean) and the golden hour after birth.

Have pregnant friends? Group antenatal sessions are also available at a slight discount.

Sessions held in your own home or over Zoom here.

Up to 7 hours over 2-3 sessions


Postnatal Recovery Planning

Often, we get so busy navigating our pregnancy and working through our birth plans or preferences, that we totally forget about the part that comes after. The part where you're home, getting settled and have this brand new human (or more than one!) to look after, when you find yourself looking around thinking "Erm, so what now?" Maybe you even have an older child or children that you need to take into consideration, too.

As a mum of four, all of which were born within four years (to the month!) of one another, I truly understand what a learning curve it can be and a little bit of preparation can go a long way.

While you're still expecting, we'll discuss what's important to you and any preconceptions you may have about what life will look like after your little one/s has/have arrived. We'll chat about your strengths and how you can use those to your advantage, as well as chatting about things you're worried about.


We'll also go through handy tips that I've picked up as a mum and Doula like how to ente.

Sessions held in your own home or over Zoom here.

1 session


Rebozo Techniques and Biomechanics

An area which really fascinates me is biomechanics and how we can use different techniques to provide comfort and relaxation but also in some circumstances, provide baby with the opportunity to get into a more optimal position if they're not quite there yet. Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to positioning but there are things we can do to be proactive in giving them the chance.

I love using a rebozo (a long piece of cloth ethically sourced from Mexico where it is culturally significant and also used by traditional midwives) to help a pregnant person to relax and find a sense of calm for a short while. I also love showing partners how they can use the rebozo to provide support, too, both antenatally and during labour.

If you are already aware that your baby is in a suboptimal position, for example, they're back to back, we can look at different ways that may allow them to have more space temporarily to turn.

1 session


Caring for a Newborn 

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to the practicalities of caring for a newborn, from changing nappies to bathing and feeding then I'll guide you through the basics so you can feel more prepared and feel less daunted. This includes normal infant behaviour, sleep (or lack thereof and how to manage it), feeding, changing, bathing, how to cope with crying, how to navigate this new normal as a couple and how to work as a team.

1 session


Booking here.

Mother & Parent Blessing Celebrations

Ordinarily, we celebrate the baby during pregnancy and often neglect to celebrate and acknowledge this massive transition that is happening for the mother or parent.

As your Blessing Celebrant, I will lead a three hour celebration which nurtures you and leaves you feeling whole and ready for your birth.


Together we tailor the celebration to your needs and we create a plan to include the different elements that are important and personal to you.


Typically a Celebration would involve those closest to you (family, friends) coming together. We then share special stories of you, state our hopes for your journey into motherhood, light candles together which would then be lit once again when you are in labour.


Some celebrations include belly painting, henna, massages, hair braiding, creating birth affirmations, notes and support for after your birth. 


I am happy to work with other professionals, e.g. masseuses to make your celebration special for you.


More often than not, the day is combined with food such as afternoon tea.


I understand that not all families look the same and not all include mothers. If you are trans and/or non-binary; if you are two Dad's; if you have adopted or used a surrogate; you deserve to be recognised and celebrated, too and I would be honoured to do so.

Cost £95.00

Dial-a-Doula ad hoc Support

If you find yourself needing ad hoc support; you need some guidance on a specific topic or would like to chat with me, we can do this over the phone or Zoom.

It can be really helpful to just have someone listen to you without judgement and to guide without telling you what to do; it's your decision. 

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, not listened to or coerced down a path you didn't want; I'll be there to listen and walk beside you as you go through your options if that's what you need.

£25.00 per hour over Zoom or phone

Please e-mail to discuss or book here.

"An amazing and knowledgeable lady - the best support you could ask for!"

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You are welcome to pop me an e-mail or Facebook message at any time. After your initial enquiry, I'm happy to contact you by phone at a mutually convenient time. 

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